Crawl Space Drain Systems in Georgetown, DE

The crawl space should never be wet. If you notice water in the crawl space when there’s heavy rain, it’s necessary to find a solution to keep the crawl space dry to prevent water damage. A crawl space drain system may be the answer.

Traditional crawl space drainage systems use what is called a French drain system. This system uses a perforated pipe to redirect water. This pipe often becomes clogged with debris and causes water to back up into the crawl space. Fixing this can be expensive and difficult.

Delmarva Insulation installs a better crawl space drain system. Our system is easier to install and has fewer issues than traditional systems. There are key steps to addressing crawl space moisture issues.

  • Install clog-resistant drain pipe around the crawl space perimeter.
    This drain pipe is perforated to allow for water flow. The pipe exterior contains clog-resistant pieces that are covered in mesh. These pieces keep dirt and debris away from the interior pipe while allowing water to drain. This helps prevent the pipe from needing repair—an expensive fix that is a headache for homeowners.
  • Install a sump pump to move crawl space water to the pipe and out of the crawl space.
    A quality crawl space sump pump is installed to remove standing water from the crawl space. The sump pump is typically placed in the lowest area of the crawl space. Water in the crawl space will drain into the sump pump and be pumped to the drain pipe and away from the foundation.
  • Install vapor barrier to create a uniform surface.
    A vapor barrier (drain mat) can be installed along the crawl space floor. This creates an even and uniform surface within the crawl space and allows for storage.
  • Add a wireless dehumidifier to maintain an ideal humidity level.
    As a final step, a dehumidifier can be installed. We install a Wi-Fi-enabled dehumidifier, allowing homeowners to manage their crawl space humidity from anywhere.

For a free foundation drainage evaluation of your crawl space contact Delmarva Insulation!

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