Air Sealing Services in Georgetown, DE

Air Sealing - Delmarva InsulationDoes saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year on energy costs interest you? We thought so, and Delmarva Insulation in Georgetown, DE can help! Having your home or business air sealed can make the building more energy efficient, which can save you money and keep you more comfortable. We specialize in air sealing services including insulating walls, attics, and much more.

What Is Air Sealing?

Air sealing prevents airflow between a building’s interior and exterior. Proper air sealing helps warm air stay inside the building during the winter and cooled air stay inside during the summer. Homes and businesses have natural penetration points, resulting from the construction process, that allow air to leak out of the building or come into the structure from the outside. Air sealing closes those gaps. You can think of air sealing as closing your windows before you run your air conditioning. It wouldn’t make sense to keep the windows open and let conditioned air sneak out, just like it doesn’t make sense to allow air to escape through gaps in your home. Air sealing is a great way to increase energy efficiency, which lowers energy costs and saves you money.

Types of Air Sealing

There are two types of air sealing we use: foam insulation and caulking.

  • Foam insulation – Spray foam insulation acts as both an air sealant and an insulator. Sealing air leaks with spray foam is a great way to seal any gaps in your home or business and at the same time add R-value. The experienced professionals at Delmarva Spray Foam can determine whether spray foam air sealing is the best option for your building in Georgetown, DE.
  • Caulking – This option uses synthetic and flexible material to seal stationary gaps that are less than a quarter-inch wide. Caulk is often used with fiberglass insulation projects, and there are several different types.

Air Sealing Areas of Concern

Air leaks in homes are most commonly found in the basement, top plate, ductwork, or attic.

  • Basements – The basement is an area of a home that is vulnerable to air leaks. Cold air can seep in around the home’s foundation. Adding basement insulation and having the area sealed can help your home retain heat during the cold winter months.
  • Top Plates – Whether you’re having a new home built or remodeling your existing home, we recommend top plate insulation. You won’t be able to see or access the top plate in an existing home. During construction or remodeling small spaces are often left between the wall assembly and the drywall. This space allows air to move freely through and conditioned air can escape. Sealing top plates can help solve this problem. Contact the experienced professionals at Delmarva Insulation to get the job done right.

Get Your Home Inspected and Air Sealed by Delmarva Insulation

Your home has penetration points that can’t be easily seen. While some leaks are easy to spot, others require a professional evaluation. When you trust the experienced air sealing insulation contractors team at Delmarva Insulation, you can rest easy knowing that we can seal air leaks around your home that are costing you money or making your home uncomfortable. Our team is professionally trained and has the experience to get the job done right. We pride ourselves on being on time and getting the job done quickly and effectively.

Having your home inspected and air sealed by our experienced air sealing insulation contractors will give you the most comprehensive sealing available anywhere in Delaware. Since 2002 we have been providing high quality air sealing services to homes and businesses across the region.

Contact Delmarva Insulation for an Air Sealing Estimate

We have been providing air sealing services for homeowners and business owners in the Georgetown, DE area since 2002. We offer comprehensive air sealing services, and no job is too big or too small for us. We provide air sealing services including insulating walls, spray foam air sealing, air sealing attics, insulating basement rim joists, and more. We install attic insulation, crawl space drain systems, interior and exterior wall insulation, and various other commercial insulation products. We are Delaware’s largest independent insulation contractor and are centrally located to serve customers throughout the area. Contact us today!