Spray Foam Installation in Delaware

Spray foam insulation is created by two materials that react when mixed together. This reaction causes the materials to expand when sprayed into place. This expansion fits snugly into the space being insulated, giving it a high thermal insulating value with almost no infiltration of air. Spray foam insulation insulates and air seals in one step. It expands when applied to completely fill a space.

There are two types of spray foam insulation:

  1. Open cell spray foam is an insulator and air barrier. Its name comes from its porosity which allows air to fill the empty spaces. Open cell spray foam is vapor permeable, stops air infiltration and reduces sound transfer.
  2. Closed cell spray foam, also an insulator and air barrier, is denser than open cell spray foam. Because of its density, it has a higher R-value than open cell spray foam and can help with building stability during storms. Additionally, closed cell spray foam is more moisture resistant than open cell. Closed cell spray foam is commonly installed in crawl spaces where moisture content is higher.

Some benefits of spray foam insulation include more comfort inside your home, less air infiltration, durability and energy savings.

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