Delaware may have a temperate climate, but cold winds from the north and moist air from the Delaware Bay can create a drop in temperature that can put the chill on our vulnerable water pipes. The result: frozen pipes, water leaks, and severe damage, plus a rush on calls to fix the problem. Is your budget ready for this disaster?

Freeze Warning Sign: Leave Faucets Dripping and Heat On.Or would you rather take a few preventative measures? Here are the chilly facts.

  • All pipe structures – ABS, PVC, copper, and galvanized steel – have the potential to freeze.
  • Your pipe’s proximity to crawl spaces, cold foundation walls, and building air leaks increases the likelihood of freezing.
  • Consistent cold weather and wind chill can increase freezing hazards.
  • Unheated areas of your home or business can contribute to this risk.
  • Older structures and outdated insulation run a higher risk of frozen pipes.

How to beat the freeze:

  • Add insulation to exterior walls, crawl spaces, and unheated areas of your home.
  • Cover exposed pipes in attics or crawl spaces with insulation sleeves.
  • Seal gaps around basement rim joists and your crawl space.
  • Choose from fiberglass, spray foam, or injection foam insulation products best designed for your structure.

Save yourself and your home from the hassle of frozen pipes. Contact our office to learn more and to schedule your free estimate.