Frequently Asked Questions on Insulation Services at Delmarva Insulation in Delaware

Answering Your Questions About Home Insulation

Having a home or business that’s properly insulated is something that many Delaware residents take for granted. Because the insulation is hidden, you may not think about it. If you’ve noticed that your energy bills are higher than they once were or your building seems to be too hot or too cold, you likely have an insulation issue that we can fix. Find out more about our insulation options and get in touch with us to request an estimate.

Your home’s insulation works by blocking the flow of heat. This is known as thermal resistance. Heat tries to escape your home during the winter and enter it during the summer. Insulation helps slow heat transfer, helping your heating and cooling system run more efficiently and saving you money. Adding insulation is one of the most cost effective ways to conserve energy and make your home more comfortable.

The amount of money you can save by improving your home’s energy efficiency depends on a number of factors. Insulation is one of the most efficient ways to reduce energy costs. Depending on the type of insulation installed, the areas that are insulated and if air sealing is added, energy savings can be as high as 50%!

Insulation increases your home’s R-value. R-value is a measure of thermal resistance. R-value determines the thermal resistance of an insulation product. The higher your R-value, the higher the thermal resistance.

The amount of insulation that your home or business needs depends on your home’s age, size, building codes, and other factors. It is important to consult with a Georgetown, DE insulation specialist to determine the right amount of insulation for your home or business.
Yes. Many forms of insulation have excellent sound reduction properties. Fiberglass, mineral wool, and blown-in wall systems are just a few forms of insulation known for their soundproofing or sound dampening qualities.
Each type of insulation product has pros and cons. At Delmarva Insulation, we consider all the options and determine which insulation products and services would work best for your Delaware home or business. We’ll discuss your options with you and help you find the best solution based on price, ease of installation, and energy savings.

There are many rooms and areas of your home that can benefit from proper insulation. Attics and outside walls are common places for insulation to be used, but other areas like ceilings, basement walls, floors above vented crawl spaces and unheated garages or porches, and between interior walls are also important. We’d be happy to visit your home or business to provide a thorough inspection and determine the best course of action.

Spray foam insulation acts as both an air barrier and a thermal barrier. With one product, your home will benefit from insulation and air sealing. Traditional insulation does not provide barriers for airflow issues, requiring air sealing to be performed as a separate step. Our team would be happy to go into further detail about the differences between spray foam and traditional insulation.

Reinsulating your home is a good idea and investment in many cases. If your home was built in the 1970s or earlier, it’s a good idea to reinsulate it for higher energy efficiency, increased comfort, and decreased energy bills. If you notice higher-than-normal energy bills, uneven temperatures throughout your home, drafty rooms, ice dams, or your A/C running more than usual, contact us to find out if your home needs to be reinsulated.

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Properly insulating your Georgetown, DE home or business is the ideal way to save money on energy costs and make your building a more comfortable place in which to live or work. The team at Delmarva Insulation has been Delaware’s preferred insulator since 2002. If you have any questions we didn’t cover or want to find out what we can do for your home or business, please contact us today.