Professional Insulation Company in DelawareThe simplified answer isn’t so simple. It depends on your climate and other factors like the type of building. As a starting point, your climate zone determines how much insulation your home needs (see the climate zone chart via ENERGYSTAR recommends a minimum attic insulation level of R30 in an attic, and as high as R-60.

To determine the proper type of insulation your home needs, an experienced insulation contractor will review your home’s structure, including looking for home air leaks, and determine the areas of your home that need insulation. For example, if your home has small or complex areas to insulate, a professional insulation company may recommend spray foam insulation to achieve a high R-value and seal air leaks in one step. Dense-pack fiberglass insulation could also be an option to create a complete thermal blanket and eliminate gaps.

Properly insulating your attic and your entire home with the proper amount of insulation is a cost effective upgrade that will keep your home comfortable and energy bills low. Have questions about insulation? Call the professionals at Delmarva Insulation to get your insulation questions answered.