Bonus Room at Delmarva InsulationMany homeowners have a bonus room over their garage that they rarely use. Why? The room is always too hot or too cold because many builders do not insulate garage ceilings before installing drywall.

The solution is to improve your home’s envelope which is the air and thermal barrier to the outside. Your walls and insulation are part of the envelope. Your home is more comfortable with a stronger envelope and the room over your garage most likely has a low quality envelope when it comes to insulation.

The way to manage the temperature in a bonus room is to add “drill and fill” insulation under the floor of your bonus room between the floor joints. Drill and fill involves drilling small holes in your garage ceiling and dense packing fiberglass insulation between the drywall and the frame of the garage ceiling. When insulation is complete the pieces of drywall that were removed to install the insulation are replaced. If a garage is not finished with drywall, fiberglass batt insulation is installed in the garage ceiling.

If you want to enjoy your bonus room, contact us today to discuss drill and fill insulation.