The Delmarva Insulation team was recently honored in front of 100 guests at Brookfield Residential’s Trade Appreciation Luncheon when Delmarva Sales Representative Eric Burdette accepted a Brookfield Achievement Award for Delmarva’s continued dedication to excellence. Brookfield Residential, a leading North American new home builder, recognized the extra mile that the Delmarva team takes on every project to keep up with schedules and jump through every hoop to keep construction moving.

The Achievement Award is the highest award given by Brookfield Residential and the Delmarva team is proud to be one of only three to four recipients of this honor throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware.

Eric Burdette celebrates this achievement as a team effort within the company. “Our team members are what make us great. It’s their dedication and high expectations on every project that earned this award.”

Congratulations to our entire Delmarva Insulation team for this well-deserved distinction!

Delmarva Sales Representative Eric Burdette accepting a Brookfield Achievement Award given by Brookfield Residential
"Brookfield Achievement Award. This certificate is awarded to Delmarva Insulation. On behalf of the team members of Brookfield Residential. 2023. Signed, Gregg A. Hughes, Senior VP Housing Operations and Marc Dalessio, VP of Construction."